What is KAZAXE (Kah-Zah-Shay)?

Axe means “positive vibes”, and it is exactly what our WHOLE philosophy at Azuka-Bom is. We want you to have a place where you can FEEL GREAT & HAVE FUN! “CASA DE AXE” = “House of Positive Vibes”.


We use international music you can FEEL rush through you. Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Soca, Samba, Axe, Brazilian Funk, Southern Line dances, even some Tinikling, haha. And we do not widdle waddle around, we get you MOVING. If you think “dancing” can’t be a hard workout, I say, you should just TRY.

We consider KAZAXE a bootcamp kind of “dance fitness.” We don’t waste one moment wiggling around, we WORK the whole hour, but the hour will FLY by because you will be having a blast and the people surrounding you will “up the energy” so much! It ain’t no sissy aerobics class.

Where it started…..IN A BASEMENT

So I (Asuka), was teaching in a local family’s basement for some months….we were having a blast…but I think it was always in the back of our minds to come OUT of the basement one day….what we did not know is that we would be going from one underground to another. This family suggested I check out the ABGC. So I went there, not expecting anything, and the owner told me I could begin to use the space. Within a month I moved my class there – I was teaching twice a week to about 8 students. I didn’t think anything through, I just did it. That tends to me my way of life…decisions are not made with any thought, pure gut feelings, and things just seem to happen, and i trust it’s all gonna to be a big OK.

By word of mouth we grew and grew…

To this day we have never done any marketing – only word of mouth. I am lucky to have students with big mouths…I love you!

“The underground” grew and grew and we are happily continuing the rumbling in this old building’s basement. Throwing up the dust from the old ceiling paneling after each class, sweeping and dancing, sweeping and dancing, a cycle I am more than happy to continue. 🙂

I really did not know where things would go…All I can say now is THANK YOU to everyone for all their support and beautiful energy. I love meeting with you every night, I look forward to it – my job is my life and my passion…and from here I hope we as a team become a powerful force to do LOTS of good in this world.