KAZAXE sells gift (Cash) cards which can be used to buy anything within our studio (classes and gear).  There are 3 ways to purchase them.

  1. Log into your account at mykzxaccount.com and purchase Gift Cards in the Online Store.  You design them yourself and make them out for any amount.  They are sent immediately via email to the recipient.
  2. Use the links below to purchase a gift card and then select how you want it to be delivered.  Picked Up at the Studio, Sent to your address, or sent to the Recipient directly in the mail.  (Ensure you provide name and address of recipient if you want us to send to them directly.
  3. Stop by at the studio and buy a gift card in-person for any amount.

All Gift Cards are used the same as cash.  They are re-loadable and trackable within our system.  If lost, they can be easily replaced.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at (703)520-5030.

KZX Card Amount
Delivery Instructions
Enter the Recipients Name
Recipients Address (If needed)