MEGAXE for Make A Wish (Mid-Atlantic)

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For the next 2 months, we will be taking donations for Make A Wish of Mid-Atlantic Region. 100% of the donations will go to this AMAZING organization, which grants wishes of children with terminal illnesses. They do WONDERFUL things for children who are fighting for their life and give these families opportunities to create priceless memories! In the middle of this donation period will be the MEGAXE.

Event: MEGAXE – a two (2) hour KAZAXE dance fitness event with all of the instructors.  This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

When: July 15th, 2018  (1:00 – 3:00pm)

Where: Lincoln Memorial – Washington DC

Cost: FREE (Open to the Public)

Donations will be accepted for a 2 month time period. (April 20 thru July 15).  We cannot collect donations AT the actual event but you can make a donation here or in person at the KAZAXE Underground (6728 Industrial Rd, Springfield VA) 

Goal: $10,000 – the average cost to grant one child’s wish.

As a donation incentive, for every $10 donated, you receive a chance to win some awesome gifts!

ATTIRE (Code Neon): WEAR YOUR CRAZIEST NEON CLOTHING! bring your friends and family, if they don’t wanna dance, they can picnic out on the grass and watch your crazy butts dance in a neon colored tutus.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This event is SO important to me and my family and it means so much how you support this year after year.


With your help, it’s possible.

$500 will fund wish elements like furniture for a room redo

$250 will fund wish elements like a princess makeover

$100 will fund wish elements like a limo ride for a wish family 

$75 will fund wish elements like a suitcase for a travel wish 

$50 will fund wish elements like a gas card for a raod trip wish 

$25 will fund wish elements like pizza for a wish party 

Wish kids are some of the bravest and sweetest kids you’ll ever know. They wish to work in a pickle factory, become a superhero, go snorkeling, give their baseball team new uniforms, and push all of the buttons in a tall building’s elevator. Their innocence and unexpected wisdom stays with you.

Make-A-Wish grants thousands of unique wishes each year. A lot, yes. But that’s only 50% of eligible kids. We are fundraising so more deserving kids and their families can know the happiness, relief and renewal a wish can bring.

Please help by contributing to this fundraiser. Every dollar matters.

Thank you for your support!