Come to have fun, smile and laugh!

All students and accompanying friends/ family must register at the front desk. There is a building capacity limit of 185 students per class.  Once the capacity is reached, you will not be able to enter the building until students begin to leave.

Be courteous to staff and fellow students:

  • Students arrive early to get the best spot in the house.  Fill in from the back of the room as you arrive. Do not squeeze to the front if there is no space to do so.
  • If your neighbor leaves for a water or bathroom break, leave them room for when they return.
  • There is a high probably that you will run into your neighbor during class, say sorry and smile, but please don’t get mad.

Not everyone likes to be recorded when they are working out.  Recording is only permitted on the stage and from the front of the room.  Please do not record students on the main floor.

Derogatory language or abusive comments will not be tolerated.

For safety reasons, personal belongings, including keys, bags and water bottles should not be on the dance floor during class. Please keep all items along the outer perimeter of the room or against the columns.

Report any problems to the staff, including conflicts, injury or illness.